Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How promising can Oil of Oregano be against Plantar Warts?

Among all the warts that have been surveyed for worldwide plantar warts was found to the most common. Plantar warts can not only be ugly but also painful for your feet and so it’s always better to get rid of them as soon as you notice them. Plantar warts are actually hardened skin growths that can crop up on our feet at any age. The causative virus - human papilloma virus makes its way into the skin's layers and starts secreting the skin-hardening protein - keratin. While many medications and peels might not be able to guarantee you complete riddance from these warts, oil of oregano does. Oil of oregano is an ancient Greek, herbal formulation that has become popular in the recent years because of its multiple medicinal benefits. Patients can expect relief in the case of plantar warts within 2 weeks of application of oil of oregano. When used for warts, oil of oregano is supposed to be diluted with coconut or sweet almond oil in the proportion of 1:8. Dilution of this strong oil in right proportion would rule the chances of burning of skin and at the same time it would be effectual against the virus. This solution can be applied to the affected skin region for approx. 5 times in day. Plantar warts have a very strong chance of recurrence and it is therefore recommendable to go for an option that can keep it under control for a long time. After the satisfactory dissolution of the wart, you can continue to apply wild oregano oil to keep the skin smooth and to prevent the recurrence of plantar wart. A major caution that can be practiced to rule out the possibility of recurrence of warts is that of avoiding picking on warts. Oil of oregano can also keep you from the agony and expense of salicylic acid treatments or freezing treatments that are performed by many medical professionals around the world. Laser surgery for plantar wart removal can be an invasive procedure and can give way to scarring and skin ulcerations. Oil of Oregano comprises of active ingredients like Origanum vulgare, carvacrol, and thymol. These components combat the causative virus effectually without inducing any side effects into the body. Nevertheless, excessive use of this formulation has been contraindicated in pregnant and lactating females. Consumption of immunity boosting foods like mushrooms, yoghurt, garlic, and beef on a long-term basis can back the action of wild oregano oil. Hygiene plays its own essential role in backing the action of wild oregano oil. For instance, soaking feet in warm water (after plantar wart has been dissolved to a satisfactory level by oil of oregano) and rubbing it with pumice stone would prevent the build-up of dead skin layers in the affected area. To conclude, oil of oregano can be a promising formulation for plantar warts cases if it is used in sufficient quantities and for the prescribed period of time.



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